Things to Do - SNOWDAY!


We spent last Thursday's snow day at home with some close friends. The day went something like this - parade indoors, stage a puppet show, make valentines, eat something, dress for snow, run around outside like crazy, guzzle down hot chocolate, repeat . . . And at 5:00 the adults opened the wine.

As a mom, I'm pretty negligent at taking my kids out in the snow, the whole experience just involves SO MUCH preparation all for cold/wetness. Though as a kid one of my favorite things in the world was sledding with my dad, so I'm not sure where my own parental ambivalence comes from. Thus I'm glad my friends came over, sleds in hand, and forced me out of my comfort zone for awhile, now if we could only find Arlington's best sledding hills for young kids - any suggestions? (And in case you're wondering, P INSISTED on wearing a skirt over snow pants, so it goes.)

*My husband and I watched Coal Miner's Daughter the other night (for free, On Demand) and now we can't get enough of Loretta Lynn. Who knew she sang a whole song about the birth control pill? How cool is that? (Plus the lyrics are hysterical). And the White Stripes covered another Lynn song.

*It feels like I've been waiting forever for an article like this, so bravo Peggy Orenstein, especially for the sentence "[a]s my little girl made her daily beeline for the dress-up corner of her preschool classroom, I fretted over what playing Little Mermaid, a character who actually gives up her voice to get a man, was teaching her." I hate the Little Mermaid for that exact reason. And I have a ton of anger/resentment about the whole princess movement but it makes the girls SO HAPPY. I highly suggest the article and I can't wait to read the book. How about everyone else? How do you feel about the princess/feminist debate? Is Cinderella a decent role model?

*I love these clothes (link via Modish).

*Beautiful pics of an urban farm.


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