Places to Go - Riverbend Park (Great Falls, VA)


My husband likes to fish. A lot. Unfortunately, he also works a lot. So, a few weeks ago, we decided to combine family time and fishing time with an excursion to Riverbend Park. For the fisherperson, Riverbend park has a lovely pier next to the visitor's center and for the kids it also has picnic tables and sandy trails bordering the Potomac (unfortunately, the ground is sandy, so strollers don't move very well), plus a large field full of room to run and geese to chase. The girls love to walk the trails until they find a small hamlet where they can "play beach." Playing beach involves "pretending we're at a real beach but we don't want to go in the water. So let's look for sea shells instead." This can last four at least an hour. The park is rarely crowded and there's no entry fee, making it a nice alternative to either side of Great Falls, especially on warm weekends when the falls (both sides) tend to be rather crowded.

If the rain is causing you to search for something inside to do this week - Public Workshop is hosting a special event at the Building Museum all week that looks awesome, click here for the info (scoop courtesy of at KidFriendlyDC).

Finally, after two years, F decided (on her own accord) to wear jeans, making me a very happy mom (not that I don't enjoy buying a zillion pairs of tights each winter, but pants can be nice too).


  1. beautiful. i was just there (in the area) doing the photography at a wedding reception. i love that area.

    the sleepy time gal

  2. Wow, what a beautiful place for a wedding!



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