Things to Do - Visit Friends (Even When They Live Far Away)


See the girl above? The one in the pink princess dress? Last time we saw her she was about 1.5 years old and while the girls enjoyed her company she couldn't exactly play with them yet. But now, at the age of 3.5, she's P's new best friend. So this visit I relaxed with my friends while the girls played with their new friends. And life was good. Thank you, CARS, LSSS, and JAA for a wonderful visit! We can't wait to see you all again! And what about T? Well, he met a new best friend too, pictured below.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE! If you're looking for something to do this weekend, on Sunday night Friends of the Arlington Planetarium has organized a Kids' Night (activities and shows for ages 3 and up) - it looks fun. Click here for info.


*I found this Dad Life video pretty funny, check it out.

*These dinosaur planters are adorable. I wish I could keep plants alive.

*Poppytalk's Art & Home Lookbook is full of fun stuff that I want to buy.

*This may be my favorite etsy clothing find ever. The perfect spring dress. Perfect.

*Wonderful, haunting photos of a small town.

*This "English meal" looks incredible (and relatively simple to make). I can't wait to try it!

*The new Lonny is out, if you need some decorating porn.


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