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So lately we've grown a little obsessed with tissue paper flowers. Maybe I've been living in kidville for too long (maybe???) but I find these flowers incredibly beautiful. I'd even consider giving them to my own friends as presents (sorry everyone, no more gift cards from me). What better way to make someone's day then to hand them a bouquet of hand-made flowers? Okay, so maybe I have been in kidville too long, but if you doubt me then check out this Martha Stewart version. Pretty classy, huh? (link courtesy of Bluebird Baby). I feel if I master the skill while my children are young, I have a real future ahead of me.

Here's the scoop, courtesy of the FrugalFamily Fun Blog (which I highly suggest checking out, tons of great ideas over there); you'll need: tissue paper (different colors), green pipe cleaners, and scissors.

1. Cut 3 or more sheets of tissue paper to a 5x10 size (I suggest starting here, then you can try out different sizes).

2. Stack the papers on top of each other, then fold them accordion style (about 1 inch) until you have one long, thick skinny rectangle. F did all the folding, which she was pretty good at.

3. Twist a pipe cleaner in the middle of the rectangle.

4. Cut the ends of the rectangle - either into diamonds or half circles depending on the look you want (we made diamonds)

5. Separate the layers of paper by hand and watch "the magic happen" - voila! A flower!

We started by giving away bouquets, then F thought it would be fun to plant some of the tissue paper flowers in the ground. Which was fun, until I realized that I don't really like to dig holes. So instead we hung some on our tree (to encourage spring along).

More Art Ideas from Around the Web:

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  1. well done ! they're very pretty !
    they would make perfect decoration for Easter, too, if you decorate in April...



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