Places to Go - Cabin John Regional Park (Rockville, MD)

(check out the baby deer in the black and white photo above, so pretty).

Lately T's obsessed with all moving vehicles - cars, trucks, trains. He likes to stare out the window and point them out to me. His favorite are buses, when he sees one he starts jumping and shouting. Seriously, he's becoming such a cliche. I used to think it was cute that playgrounds put random steering wheels everywhere (as if you can "drive" the playground away) but I didn't really see the purpose. Then I had T, he can spend HOURS driving the playground. Hours.

So a few weeks ago we went with a few friends and their kids to Cabin John Regional Park in Rockville. If you've never visited before, this place is pretty awesome - lots of playground structures all in a SHADED wooded area - play train structures, car structures (T spent at least an hour sitting in the backseat of a nonmoving play car, um, yeah), huge slides, lots of things to climb, etc. Plus restrooms (CLEAN restrooms) and picnic tables scattered throughout the playground. But the true highlight is the miniature train you can ride for an extra fee ($1.75 a person, children under 2 are free) the ride lasts about ten minutes and takes you through the woods (on this trip we saw a tiny fawn resting on the ground - how cool is that?). Kids love it and, honestly, adults do too. Check the website for train times and schedules, when we visited it ran every half hour throughout the day.


The park had HUGE mulch "mountains" that the kids loved playing on. yup, the coolest playground equipment ever and they chose mulch.

Porky the litter eater amused all the kids. So much so that they started feeding him mulch instead of litter. Poor pig.



F now knows how to do cartwheels, they've become her "party trick." I'm scared she's going to kick someone in the head. Her friends appear to be scared of the same thing.


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