Things to Do - Alphabet Bingo


Every since F started reading, P's been eagerly trying to follow in her footsteps. So I took Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers off the shelf and started to work through them with her. Which didn't work so well, as P knows almost no letter sounds (so she can't put the sounds together to make words). Making me realize 1) I've been really negligent with the second child and 2) I need a plan to teach P "sounds" without having F hoover over us and brag about her expertise in the area. My solution - ALPHABET BINGO, which has become our favorite game this summer. Sometimes we call out the letter, other times we call out the sound the letter makes or even a word that starts with that letter. F likes it so much that she doesn't brag about her word knowledge and now P knows many more letter sounds.

To create the game, I cut plain white paper in half to make game cards (I drew 3x3 grids on the paper and filled them in with random letters). Then I cut 26 squares, wrote the name of each letter on a square, and dropped them into a small paper bag. Easy.

For some other ideas on beginning readers, click here. What about everyone else? Any fun ideas for teaching reading? I'd love to hear them!


*I finally started a facebook page, so if you have a chance please, "like" me.

*Also, I'm looking for some good children's cookbooks (for cooking WITH them, not for cooking FOR them), any suggestions?

*A zip-tie polar bear.

*Have you seen the website Byliner where you "can discover and discuss great reads by great writers"? It's addictive.

*To read - Vintage Craft Workshop. I'm curious.

*DIY paint chip wall art. Pretty.



  1. We haven't tried it, but this daily candy deal looks nifty: http://deals.dailycandy.com/deal/2287/handstand-kids-46-percent-off?nagtrack=LD:Email:SOLO:KEW:20110803:Edit:c:3&vwink=LD:Email:DED:KID:20110803:14

  2. This looks awesome! Thanks for the link!



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