Things to Do - Toy Story (Our Own Version)



A few weeks ago, the kids and I visited my mom in the Chicago suburbs. My mom is sort of a packrat (to put it mildly, click here to see pics of her house) and often I question her need to keep so much stuff around. Sometimes, however, my mom's inability to throw anything away makes me very happy. Years ago she packed up my Cabbage Patch kids (Cybil Lily, Sabrina, and Sam) and Barbies (with various clothes and accessories) and stored them in the attic (sort of like our own, alternate version of Toy Story 3). We finally brought them down and it felt like old friends were back in my life. But more importantly, the girls quickly decided to love Cybil Lily and Sabrina as much as I used to love them. For the rest of our vacation, the dolls traveled everywhere with us (with a huge suitcase full of doll clothes, I kid you not). T took longer to warm up to Sam but finally bonded with him (probably because Sam was the only other male around). How odd that I had two girl and one boy Cabbage Patch Kids and that's also how my adult life worked out.


Okay, so there were A LOT of Barbies in the attic (in case you're wondering, fake "Barbie" leather does not age well), yet I remember each and every one. Every one. Which made me feel guilty because whenever the girls want a new doll I always say "but she looks JUST like all your other dolls." Yet I can still see a HUGE difference between aerobics Barbie and roller-skating Barbie. The hard part involved actually letting the girls play how they wanted to play - I kept saying things like "those outfits don't go together! You're making Barbie sad! Stop making Barbie sad!" Adulthood is hard.


*Philip Kalantziscope - LOVE!!!

*Yay Danielle Evans won the PEN award, apparently I'm not the only one who thinks she rocks (click here for my post about her short story collection).

*KidFriendly DC has a great post on starting your own kids' cooking camp with friends (next summer, is anyone up for doing this with me?)


*Where Children Sleep Around the World. Wow this is depressing.


  1. My daughter has my CB "Gwendolyn". But over time her outfit fell apart and now "she" wears a boy outfit and is called "Pudge". ("Pudge" was my daughter's in-utero nickname.) I have another CB named "Kasey" - does this mean if we have another kid it will also be a girl?

    My sisters and I are planning to sort through the 18 Barbies and 2 Kens this fall. Throw away the junky ones and have them available for E when she is visiting my parents.

  2. "Your making Barbie sad" LMAO. This post reminds me of my husband's model car collection. Our oldest son's bedroom theme is cars and trains, so of course his dad thought it would be great to add his collection to the decor. Not the best idea. He forgot how much little boys love to play crash up derby.



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