Places to Go - A Picnic at the National Arboretum (Washington D.C.)


On Columbus Day I thought it would be fun to picnic at the National Arboretum. A large field meanders through the dogwood section, with a fountain at the bottom, which seemed like the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Unfortunately, the arb is quite large and I became a little turned around, so we ended up in the magnolia field, which would have been fine had I not insisted that we keep trying to find the fountain. Nothing like dragging kids through large dewey fields insisting that "surely there's a fountain around her somewhere." Oh well, we ended up next to huge evergreen trees, where the kids ran and hid and explored while I vegged on the blanket. F called it our "secret place" and for awhile I think we all felt a sense of magic in this little corner of the world. Then more picnickers arrived, which spoiled our sense of seclusion. Then F had to go to the bathroom, thus ending our little picnic. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring some of the Arb's other nooks and crannies, it always amazes me how much there is to see there.

If you're interested, the Arb has many stroller-friendly places that are perfect for picnics, such as the koi pond and the Capitol Columns. And if you can venture without a stroller, many of the meadows are beautiful and relatively people-free (security frequently patrols, so safety (hopefully) isn't an issue). Click here for more of my past posts on the National Arb.


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