Things to Make - 25 Things to Make With Your Kids this Fall

As I stated last week, fall makes me happy, but sometimes it rains (or maybe I should say some MONTHS it rains). What to do? Well here are some activities that will keep you and the kiddos occupied for awhile.



1. Painted Pumpkins (previously posted here) - sometimes carving is hard (and/or dangerous). So get out the paint, glitter, markers, stickers, etc. Dress those pumpkins up.

2. Leaf Rubbings (previously posted here) - F discovered this "project" last year through Special Agent Osso. Just grab a leaf, cover it with paper, and rub with crayon. Once you start you can't stop.

3. Stained Glass Pumpkins Using Tissue Paper and Liquid Starch (previously posted here) - Cut tissue paper into squares. "Paint" a sheet of wax paper with liquid starch and start attaching the squares. Continue to apply liquid starch. Soon you'll have art. Window-worthy art.

4. Princess Crowns (previously posted here) - Every autumn needs a princess and these are so easy to make. Just attach ribbon to garland and wear.

5. Nature Art (previously posted here) - I last posted on nature art in the spring but it's a fun project for all seasons. Go on a nature scavenger hunt and let the kids pick up whatever they find interesting (within reason), try picking up some stuff yourself too. Then go home, get some blank paper out, some markers, glue, and create. You never know what you'll come up with. Lately I've been thinking of how cute a little acorn family would look. Especially with those cool acorn hats.

6. More - I have a whole Pinterest file full of ideas for fall crafts, such as dipping leaves in wax to preserve their color, making candles out of clementines and olive oil, ghosts made with liquid starch and cheesecloth, and more. Click here to check it out.



7. Teepees and Headbands (previously posted here) - A really easy craft and a great way to introduce native american history and culture into your house.

8. A Pueblo Village (previously posted here) - A wonderful all-day craft project. Start with some old boxes, layer them on top of each other. Use playdough or clay (homemade or store bought) to make pots and furniture. Then decorate the outside of the houses with natural materials found in your yard. Build ladders out of sticks or construction paper. Make paper dolls to go in the house.

9. Story Sticks (previously posted here) - The Pima Indians of Arizona kept records of things that had happened in their lives on story sticks. We imitated the Pima by using flattened paper towel rolls to tell our stories. It was great to see the girls spin a tale using linear pictures.



10. Make Your Own Playdough Out of Kitchen Staples (previously posted here) - flour, salt, water, oil, and food coloring = an afternoon of play.

11. Goo (previously posted here) - Pour some cornstarch into a bowl and gradually add water (make sure to add the water slowly, you don't want too much) until the mixture hovers between a liquid and a solid. Play, bend, create. Messy but fascinating.

12. Bare/Blank Books (previously posted here) - Everyone wants to write the great American novel, even those who still can't spell their name. Here's their chance. If you don't have any bare books in the house, just make one using folded white paper and a stapler.

13. Make A Butcher Paper Town (previously posted here) - Use blocks, trucks, dolls, and other toys to build and then draw in the streets, rivers, etc on the paper.

14. Make A "Lava Lamp" (previously posted here) - Our version just used oil, food coloring and water, but if you want to jazz it up a little you could add jelllyfish (made from plastic bags) or add alka seltzer for a cool bubble effect.

15. Make Stamps out of Potatoes (previously posted here) - All you need is potato, ink/paint, and paper and you can make whatever you want (and a knife). Use your imagination.

16. Paper Dolls (previously posted here) - Draw, fold, and cut. From a sheet of paper a whole family emerges.

17. Get Out the Liquid Watercolors or Food Coloring - and make salty watercolors (so fun), marbleized paintings using shaving cream, OR marbleized painting using oil and water.

18. Handprint Puppets (previously posted here) - Trace handprints and make them into animals, try making different shapes out of your hand before you trace (for example separate your middle and pointer fingers to make a fish mouth). Can you create a jellyfish? A dinosaur? What else?

19. Dive Through the Recycling Bin - and make doll castles and musical instruments from old toilet paper and paper towel rolls.



20. Get out the Tissue Paper and make tie-dye wall hangings, flowers, or decoupaged vases.

21. Swirly Stones (previously posted here) - Rocks + melted crayon = hours of fun.



22. Apples! - We like to make baked apples and applesauce in the crockpot (previously posted here).

23. Homemade Bread - in the breadmaker (previously posted here) or zucchini bread in the oven (previously posted here).

24. Bake - We like to make Chewy Oatmeal Blondies and Grandma's Sorghum Cookies.

25.Caramelized Pumpkin Seeds - We've never made these but WOW do they look yummy (and easy). Click here for the info.


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