Things to Make Tuesday - Leaf Etchings


So lately, F's been really into making leaf etchings (i.e. I have received over thirty leaf etching as presents and there is no reason to think the trend is nearing an end). I wish I could take credit, but apparently Special Agent Osso taught her this skill. I should, as measure of solidarity in the mommy blogger community, use this opportunity to write about how ashamed I am that my children watch TV (or, even better, keep them from watching it). And, honestly, we really do try to limit TV to just a few hours a week. But some of the TV out there is just so good that I can't complain. She walked around all afternoon spelling slide after watching WordWorld. And, yes, I realize that TV is no excuse for actual parental involvement. But some days, it just works. Enough said. However you feel on the kids/TV issue, hopefully everyone thinks leaf etchings are fun. So go grab a leaf, put it under a piece of paper and rub a crayon over it. It's fall, after all (I do love a cheesy rhyme).


  1. I love leaf etchings and I totally forgot about them. I think I gave my mom several leaf etchings as presents myself.

  2. I've received numerous leaf etchings lately, too. And you just made me realize that mine were probably inspired by Special Agent Osso, too, as they were watching at my mom's this weekend. Oh well. At least it did inspire them.



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