Things to Make Tuesday - Easy Crock Pot Recipes


I'm not sure why, but as soon as colder weather comes around, I automatically dust the crock pot off. I think I must like to torture myself with the smell of soon-to-be cooked food throughout the day. Or maybe there's something about a crock pot that brings to mind images of comfort food (chili is its stable after all). Regarding recipes, my favorite cookbook is without a doubt Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook especially Victoria's Lamb Shank Recipe (pictured above). As we're always looking for new, yummy (and easy) ways to cook lamb, which we buy local (along with all of our meat) from farmer's markets and South Mountain Creamery (sorry for the happy animals plug, this is my soapbox issue, and I can be really annoying about it).

But, by far, our favorite tried-and-true crockpot recipe is Crockpot Carnitas, which are not only yummy, but incredibly easy to make - all you need is:
*pork butt (available through South Mountain),
*garlic (5-6 cloves),
*a jalapeno pepper (whole),
*a bunch of cilantro (chopped), and
*beer (1 bottle).

Slice into the pork butt with a small knife and insert the garlic cloves into the meat. Then put everything into the crock pot. Cook until tender on HIGH for 4-6 hours or on LOW for 9-12 hours. Serve taco style with tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, etc.
Recipe from - - http://southernfood.about.com/od/crockpotporkroasts/r/bl10c6.htm. They turn out even better than Chipotle. You can't go wrong (well, unless you're a vegetarian, then this probably isn't for you).

Regarding other recipes, I haven't tried this one yet, but Foodie Mama always has good (easy) suggestions.

What's your favorite crock pot recipe? I'd love to hear!!


  1. We just broke out the crockpot this week too. We have to get rid of some of the grass-fed beef that's been in our freezer for almost a year now so no real recipe just a bunch of meat. Crockpot Carnitas sounds awesome and easy!

  2. Yum! I've got a bunch of frozen chicken in the freezer that is begging for the crockpot. Here's the website/blog I usually use for crockpot recipes: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/

  3. I love my crock pot! It means extra time with C before dinner. Now that I know you eat a lot of lamb, I will bring you some rosemary if you want it -- I have a huge bush that grows nearly year-round. This is the newest crockpot recipe that we love for bbq sandwiches: http://www.themeaningofpie.com/2010/05/brisket/.

  4. Made the crockpot carnitas for my parents when they were visiting this week. It was a big hit! Thanks!



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