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A few weeks ago, a composer in Bethesda contacted me about his new children's music CD. Truthfully, I'm not the world's biggest fan of children's music (is anyone?), every once in awhile we throw on some Rocknoceros or Laurie Berkner, but for the most part we tend to avoid the whole genre. But Sasha Bondarev's email was SO NICE, I decided to make an exception. So I downloaded the mp3s he sent me and cranked his tunes in the swaggerwagon/minivan. Upon first listen, F IMMEDIATELY asked "what IS this?" in her new big-girl kindergarten voice, which contains no hint of whether the referenced "it" is favored or disfavored. "A new kid's CD called Sand Castle" I replied. "Um, do you like it?" To which F yelled, "I LOVE IT!!" My other two children echoed her enthusiasm. All this after only one song. Sand Castle has quickly become my children's favorite music and I must admit, I like it too. There's something grand and almost showtune-like to the songs, as if I'm listening to the soundtrack of a musical that I really want to see. Sasha Bondarev's music puts me in a good mood and his lyrics are clever, especially (my favorite) the one about a pirate who doesn't want to take a bath. Dan, on the other hand, prefers the tomboy song because it seems to capture everything P - and every other supergirl - really wants to say. And both girls can't stop singing about Masha in the Rain (F loves how the music ACTUALLY sounds like raindrops). Anyways, we've all become big fans of Sand Castle. Plus I love the fact that Sasha Bondarev is a local dad doing something creative with his time (so inspiring).

If you're interested (and trust me, you SHOULD be interested), you can listen to one of Sasha Bondarev's songs for free right here (just click the link below).

Regarding the whole album, I'm helping to get the word out on a GIVEAWAY Sasha Bondarev is hosting. All you need to do is "like" Sand Castle on facebook, click here to do so. Then leave a message on Sand Castle's facebook wall (saying hi or anything you want). If you don't have a facebook account (of if you'd prefer not to use it) you can also enter the giveaway by leaving a comment below. On November 9th, 5 winners will be randomly chosen to receive a free download of Sand Castle. If you don't want to wait, you can also purchase the album here a digital download is $7.62 and a CD is $10 (totally worth the money, trust me).

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