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This summer most of our craft projects have been pretty simple, as I'm somewhat exhausted from having all three kids home all day. Plus, T's becoming an erratic napper (yes, I know this is my fault) so I'm never sure if he'll be napping while we create and it isn't easy to come up with great ideas that work for all three ages (5, 4, and 2).

All this being said, a few weeks ago the girls and I made story sticks while T napped and everyone had a blast. We learned about story sticks while perusing my favorite craft book - More Than Moccasins: A Kid's Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life (A Kid's Guide series). According to the book the Pima Indians of Arizona "kept records of things that had happened in their lives on story sticks." The book recommended drawing pictures on tongue depressors but we didn't have any so we used flattened paper towel rolls instead. And I let the girls decide whether or not to base their stories on real events.

P made two sticks, one told a story involving instruments and mountains and princesses (there's always a princess). For her second stick, P used stickers to tell a long meandering story of a dragon/princess/castle/etc. F, on the other hand, drew a simple but beautiful story of a girl who loved to dance. On one side of the stick she drew pictures of the girl growing up and on the opposite side she drew the dance routine that the girl completed for her big recital.

All in all a fun, easy project that's toddler-friendly. So, had he been awake, T could have participated too.



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