Places to Go (Vacation) - San Francisco Girls' Weekend


Earlier this year, a few friends from high school organized a girls' (women's??) trip to Vegas. I couldn't go (Dan was working like crazy at the time), which made me a little sad. Fortunately, two other high school friends who also missed out on Vegas planned a trip to San Francisco and asked me to join them. In high school, Traci and Crystal were two of my favorite people, but we had grown apart over the last seventeen years (wow, seventeen seems like such a LARGE number). We reconnected through facebook and, truthfully, if it weren't for the invention of social media, I'm not sure we would have ever gotten back in touch.

So thank god for facebook because I had the best weekend hanging out and bonding with these two. On our first night in San Fran, Traci and I stayed up til 2 (3?) in the morning talking to each other, just like our old high school sleepovers (Crystal had to work the next day so she peaced out around midnight). It's funny, how when you're a kid adults always tell you that people change SO MUCH after high school. Which, in a way, is true. But lately I'm amazed at how little people have changed. In high school, Traci was always such a positive happy person. The type of person who has "followers", as if a glow radiated from her (I honestly don't think I've ever heard anyone say anything bad about her, ever). And truthfully sometimes in high school I just didn't "get" her - why didn't she see the turmoil we were going through? Plus, it's not always easy being good friends with one of the most loved people in high school (if you're wondering about me in high school, I was voted "worst driver", that about says it all). But I loved being Tracie's friend, as she could make the most ordinary events into an adventure (I'll never forget spending a whole day at a thrift store with Traci, trying on crazy outfits and taking tons of pictures). Anyways, three kids (and one on the way) later, Traci still brightens a room, her laughter is contagious.

Further, Crystal in high school was always a fun mix between serious and crazy, a super smart girl who loved 90's Hair bands (yes, she STILL loves Hair bands, so it
wasn't just a phase) and she's still much the same. Crystal planned our trip to the detail and every part was wonderful - from Crystal's fiancee making a wonderful homemade dinner that we ate on their back porch (while I drank white wine, wore a Snuggie, and checked out the Golden Gate bridge) to walking tours showcasing the city and the best wineries in Sonoma. Crystal remains as kind and giving as she was seventeen years ago (that number AGAIN). I can't wait to go back!

On a random note, sorry for all the vacation posts lately, but that's the story of our summer.

In chinatown a crazy man yelled at me for taking so many pictures. so I took more. The view is from Crystal's apartment on Telegraph Hill. Breathtaking.

I'm sort of obsessed with Bansky, I'm not sure if the picture above is the real him or a grafitti imitator but I'd like to believe I saw the real thing.

On Friday, while Crystal worked Traci and I got $26 mani/pedis at a beauty salon down the street from Crystal's apartment. It was the most relaxing hour I've had in months. Plus I liked the lanterns on the ceiling.

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