Places to Go (Vacation) - San Francisco Girls' Weekend, Part II - Sonoma, CA


Sonoma, CA - a whole region of the country dedicated to making good wine. Anyone who reads this blog will understand how much I liked this place. And Landmark Vineyard's pinot noir, wow, all I can say is WOW!! If I win the lottery (or ever start playing the lottery) cases and cases will occupy my basement (which I would start calling a wine cellar if I won the lottery).


For cheap wine drinkers like me, But I Have A Law Degree has a great weekly column with her own non-connoisseur "reviews" of grocery-store wines. It's a fun read, check it out if you have a chance.


*Land of Nod (the awesome children's furniture/toy company) just relaunched their catalog and started a great new blog - Honest to Nod - full of crafts, food, and other tidbits. They asked various bloggers to contribute, so you can check me out over there. Stop by and say hello!! It's a really beautiful space.

*Mexican cheesecake - yum!!!!!

*The photos on this blog are dreamy and beautiful and inspiring and magical and, well, just look. please look (link courtesy of Decor 8).

*So it's been a tough few weeks in DC - record high temps (120 heat index with humidity, yikes!) and constant news coverage of the debt ceiling debates. Last week I heard this song and felt a little better (just a little).

*Cheese pencils. Sounds weird, but what a great idea.

*I'm really digging these paintings, especially the first one.

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! Meanwhile, your pictures are making me yearn for some high quality, non-grocery store wine. Thank goodness I have that Santa Barbara trip coming up. :)
    Looks like your trip was a blast.



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