Things to Do - Ice Toys


Ice toys - another one of our go-to summer projects, which I learned about here. We use old yogurt containers to freeze small toys, most of which we "discover" while searching the bottom of toy bins and various other hiding places throughout the house (so nice to see these discarded treasures finally get some use). Then, the next morning, the kids break open their toys. I thought they'd try using various tools to facilitate toy escape but instead all the kids usually throw the frozen toys against the back deck until the ice breaks. Not very original, but the kids really love doing it. And it's so easy we often have a "batch" in the freezer. Plus, on a hot day the ice feels good against your skin.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE! What are your plans for beating the heat?

Usually they throw them to break the ice, but when it gets really hot, sometimes they lick them too (like a popsicle).


*This recipe for watermelon/feta salad looks so good, the perfect summer treat.

*Sleepytime Gal has a great post on the disconnect between blogs and reality. Personally, I tend to prefer "happy" mom blogs to more negative blogs, but I hate blogs where everything just seems too perfect or where people spend the whole time bragging about their kids' accomplishments, but that's just me. What do you look for in a blog?

*Before and after wedding photos - a good reminder that I need to get better at creating wonderful Lightroom presets. Any suggestions on how to get presets this good?

*Flavorwire's 15 Apartments on Film That We Wished We Owned - great eye candy.

T views ice toys with a mix of confusion and excitement, as if he's thinking "but why would we freeze my car?" Um, well, that's a good question T.


  1. As usual I love your pictures and what a great idea. And how great to see you linked my recipe! Have a nice weekend.

  2. What a wonderful idea. It is so hot here in Pittsburgh. This would help us beat the heat.

  3. Thanks for the idea with the frozen toys! After a week of playing "water-kitchen" (the girls played kitchen in the garden with loads of water), painting on the walls and street with water and some other small projects it is time for something new.
    And I love reading happy blogs- but as you say- if they are always over-happy and perfect, something seems wrong and I usually loose interest. Don't worry- you are not one of them :o)



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