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A few years ago I became enamored with the idea of homemade bread (after all, grocery store bread doesn't taste very good). But baking my own bread seemed somewhat cumbersome, plus I'm not the world's best baker. So my friends bought me a breadmaker for my birthday and I've grown rather attached to it. The girls enjoy pouring the ingredients into the pan and I like the simplicity of the whole process. For the last few months we've been snacking on SouleMama's WHO Bread (click here for recipe). My kids love it more than cookies, which I find incredible.

What about everyone else? Any good snack suggestions?

Oh and if you have a chance, I've been nominated for a creative mom blog award, so please vote for me. Here's the link - Top 25 Creative Moms - help me win! The other candidates listed are all pretty famous, so I could use some help!



*Invisible ink made from lemon juice, who knew? What a fun (and easy) idea.

*I can't sew, but if I could, I would make a ton of these repurposed t-shirt scarves. So hip.

*LOVE these little monsters. LOVE! (link courtesy of Modern Parents Messy Kids).

*When F saw made by joel's flower building toy on the computer screen she kept asking if she could have one. Unfortunately, it isn't for sale and I'm not a carpenter. So imagine my excitement when I read about this woodwork-free version on the Frugal Family Fun blog. I can't wait to make our own.

*Of course, only the Artful Parent could make a baking soda volcano into a beautiful, all day art project.

*Tinker lab created a wonderful stamping project out of a cheap placemat. Such a great (and simple) idea.

*It's hard to believe this fort was once an ordinary cardboard box.

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  1. I love breadbaking, too. The smell alone is worth it. But don't get to do it often enough.



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