Things to Do - Bubbles in the Backyard (Happy Spring)!!



If you ask me, nothing says spring like kids and bubbles. I bought the kids a large bubble wand (similar to this one - Tangent Mega Bubbles) and now after T wakes up he stands by the door saying "bubba! bubba! bubba!" Have a great Monday! I hope you had a chance to see the supermoon on Saturday, seriously breathtaking, check out some photos here.


*School kids in South America take a zip line to school, which is not as cool as it sounds. Check it out here.

*A tree-house bed - I know it's for kids, but I want to sleep here.

*If you're trying to make your kids' lunch more fun, check out this blog. The creations are seriously beautiful (and edible) (link courtesy of Modern Parents, Messy Kids).

*I love Sleep Time Gal's bare books idea, how wonderful (and cheap).

*This recipe looks so yummy and the website is the coolest cooking blog I've ever seen (link via Creature Comforts). This one looks good too (or maybe it's just the pretty illustrations).

*This post on print-making using contact paper has me inspired. Now if only I had a babysitter . . .

*I heart this painting, big time.

*The Cherry Blossom Festival is coming!! KidFriendly DC has the scoop here.



  1. I love your links (and not just b/c you included one to my blog today). You always include such a nice mix of interesting and inspiring... that zipline video is fascinating, the food blog is adorable, and the Etsy painting is just sublime. Thanks for sharing all your finds!

  2. Thank you so much! Your comment made my day (literally).



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