Things to Do - Make a Grateful List (February Edition)


As odd as it feels to make a grateful list for the month my father died I suppose this is probably the month that I needed the list the most. So here goes (for past lists click here):

Reading & Arts
1. The New Yorker article on Scientology (fascinating, simply fascinating)
2. New kids' books - City Dog, Country Frog, The Quiet Book, The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, and Mary Had a Little Lamp
3. Nurture Shock
4. Mumford & Sons (Sigh No More) and the Decemberists' new album (The King Is Dead)
5. The New Yorker article on peanut allergies (which convinced me the American Academy of Pediatrics has no idea what it's doing. none)
6. The new, modern wing of the Art Institute

7. Hummus and belgium endive (I ditched the pita in my effort to be skinny)
8. Kale/apple/hazelnut/romano salad with rice wine vinegar

9. T carrying his stool everywhere (so he can get into all the stuff we try and hide from him)
10. F in the giant bubble at the Denver Children's museum
11. T digging for dinosaur bones at Denver's Natural History museum
12. P & F becoming best friends with my friends' children
13. The girls taking tae kwan do (cutest thing ever)
14. My first library card in years (for the new, frugal me)
15. 8 pm classes at Journey Yoga (I love this studio, but because of my husband's work schedule I can't make it to classes earlier than 8)
16. T and his play kitchen
17. Warm days in February
18. P asking "Why do they call it a triceratops?" And F replying "well, P, because you have to TRY to see its horns. OBVIOUSLY you're not trying hard enough, otherwise you'd see his horns and not ask that question."
19. The dead cockroach yoga pose
20. After my dad died my mom's best friend had us over most nights for wine and train dominoes. I can't explain how much this meant to us.
21. Finally meeting my cousins (long story)
22. The fact that my dad didn't suffer for a long period of time
23. Coming home from Chicago to a fully stocked wine rack (courtesy of my wonderful husband)
24. Grandma's old photo albums
25. Our rocking chair

(All pictures were taken in Denver, it snowed during our dinner party feast).

1 comment:

  1. oh. you've lost your father ? I'm sorry, dear. i've been there.
    your photos are incredibly beautiful. denver reminds me of some very happy & careless moments. it seems we have the same food tastes.
    list whatever whenever it 's your own (pretty) place. feel good x



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