Places to Go (Vacation) - Bombay Hook Wildlife Preserve (Dover, DE)


On Fridays, the Washington Post's weekend section publishes an "Escapes" column, which is full of wonderful mini-vacations within a few hours of the city. A few weeks ago they wrote about Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Dover, Delaware (click here for the article). According to the Post, during the month of November "the skies, marshes, and ponds are alive with thousands of birds." Further, the park contains a 12-mile driving trail with several short (under a mile) hikes located off the road, which sounded perfect for a family with kids.

After a 2.25 hour drive, we arrived at the refuge close to dusk. And it was breathtaking - boardwalks, watch towers, piers, and lack of crowds made us all happy. The sky looked phenomenal while the kids ran and explored and scared all the birds away. Perfect.


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