Six Interesting Articles From Around the Web (the new domesticity movement, artistic inspiration, toilet training, female partners, the year's best cookbooks, and punching boys)

1. (The New Domesticity Movement) Emily Matchar's article on "the new domesticity" movement questions whether the back to basics ideology is "fun, empowering, or a step back for American women?" As summarized by Matchar "[w]omen like me are enjoying domestic projects again in large part because they’re no longer a duty but a choice. But how many moral and environmental claims can we assign to domestic work before it starts to feel, once more, like an obligation? If history is any lesson, my just-for-fun jar of jam could turn into my daughter’s chore." Interesting.

2. (Artistic Inspiration) The Secret Life of the Overlooked - Autumn De Wilde's fantastic article about finding artistic inspiration throughout your neighborhood. According to De Wilde "I’m writing this to remind you that you will never know your city. You will develop patterns, and like a well-behaved racehorse you will go round and round your designated track, but I want you to look sideways and upside down. I want you to find the secret life of the landscape of your city." A great look into the mind of a photographer (accompanied by lots of pictures), I think I'll reference this article often in the years to come.

3. (Toilet Training)
Public Toilets vs. Newly Potty Trained Boys and Girls (via Crappy Pictures) - If you have children, you must read this. It is funny and oh so true. I think I may keep T in diapers forever.

4. (Female Partners)
But I Do Have a Law Degree dares to ask the question - why are so many female partners mean? Has anyone else noticed this trend? Does it occur in all industries? Who would you rather work for - a woman or a man? (I'll just throw it out there that I happen to know some really amazing female partners).

5. (Cookbooks)
The Year's Best Cookbooks according to the New York Times. Just reading this list made me hungry. What to buy first?

6. (Punching Boys) - This article disturbed me somewhat - if a little boy says something offensive to your daughter is violence an acceptable answer? Remember we are talking about children here. But would the answer change if adults were involved? Can we teach our children not to tolerate certain behaviors without encouraging them to "punch a boy in the privates?"

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