Things to Do - And (Finally) Some Snow


We've had a mild winter, extremely mild (Saturday the temps reached the 70s), but, finally, on Monday, Northern Virginia received some snow, huge super-wet flakes, blanketing our new house in a layer of white. And everyone was smiling, you'd pass random people on the street and see them smiling. It felt good, "real" for lack of a better word.

The height of the flurries occurred in the mid-afternoon, when we picked F up from school. T seemed the most amazed, as he's probably too young to remember last winter, he kept saying things like "now snow on my hat. now show on my arm." The only sad part of the night was when Dan came home at 9 and said "apparently it snowed today, I had no idea." He has a window in his office, but I guess he was too busy to notice.


Of course we all had to catch snowflakes on our tongues. Of course.


F ran home to get her favorite doll, Cybil Lily, and take her exploring in the backyard. P soon joined them. I love watching kids in the snow, just taking it all in, the sense of wonder they bring to such moments.

By Tuesday, all the flakes were gone and the temps returned to the 50/60s.

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  1. Snow is such a magical, wonderful stuff! Lovely pictures you took- I especially liked the snow-catching-with-tongues-ones... I could just feel some snowflakes on my tongue... Maybe in February I will be able to do so too- when we will visit my family in Switzerland.



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