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A week or so ago, F woke up saying she had a sore throat and an "achy knee", both of which made her "too sick for school." She seemed fine, but I guessed that she needed a day off (don't we all need a day off sometimes?) so I let her stay home. And P got to stay home with her. We spent the morning painting and crafting, pajamas still on. And it felt great to have all three kids together with no pressure to go anywhere or do anything. I miss days like this.


*The National Gallery's Stories in Art program (for kids 4-7) just stared its winter session. Free classes on Matisse, Georgia O'Keefe, and Frankenthaler continue through March. My kids love this program, a story and a craft project accompany each presentation. A great way to spend a Sunday. Click here for our review from last year. Click here for more info on the current program. The National Gallery also hosts an Artful Conversations program for children 8-11.

*These murals using translucent objects and shadows are amazing. Definitely worth a click.

*New pics on my other blog, Because It Is A Holiday.

*Real life reindeer. Wow.


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