Things to Do - A Vintage Shirt


I'm always a little jealous of parents whose children don't care what they wear. From the moment F entered toddlerhood we started arguing over clothes. I assumed this was a normal part of the terrible twos, but as she grew older it didn't get better. I'd show her the mini-Boden catalogue and she wouldn't like much of anything (how is that possible? how?) then my mom would send a box of clothes from the thrift store and she would go crazy over everything, the sparklier the better. I officially lost the war two years ago when we stopped at a Walmart during vacation. F loved everything. She yelled at me for never taking her there before. I had to drag her out. Now she picks her own outfits, I stay out of it.

P doesn't seem to care what she wears, but after watching F refuse my fashion advice, P decided to follow in her sister's footsteps. So now F dresses both of them.

On the upside, T lets me pick out his outfits (more or less), but he has so many wonderful hand-me-downs that I rarely shop for him. I found this shirt at goodwill last week and fell in love. A true vintage relic. And he loves it too, probably because it's one of the first times I've ever made a big deal out of buying him clothes ("look T I bought a special shirt, just for you. a really nice special shirt.") but I'll take what I can get. He picked the hat.

Isn't it adorable on him?

Have a good weekend everyone!!


*I really like this quote. I hate when people make assumptions about me when they learn I'm a SAHM. I hate even more when people make assumptions about Dan when they find out he's a corporate lawyer. We're all so much more than our jobs, or at least we should be.

*Humans In Big Gatherings: An Infographic. Sort of an odd graph, but fun to look at. The impact of Christianity is not to be understated. Along with China and Facebook (link via Curiosity Counts).

*Ye Rin Mok's Details. I love the pink couch.

*Graphs of worldwide gender inequality. Go Canada!!

*A giant mirrored building facade turns everyone into superman. so cool.

*Rugs made from old stuffed animals. Interesting (link via Blissfulblog).


  1. Unfortunately kids don't always have the same taste as we have.... on the other hand I can remember myself wanting to dress much different from how my mother wanted... I was a bit older though. Love the shirt of T! And together with the cap he choose it makes a great outfit! Have a nice weekend.

  2. You're never too young to go vintage! Yay!

    I agree wholeheartedly on the quote you linked to. It's such a DC thing to ask: What do you do? I make a point of being wary of anybody who asks it too early into our first interaction. I don't mind networking, but I very much dislike feeling like my self worth is connected to my job title or paycheck. But I suppose my steering clear is a form of snobbery in itself...

  3. What a cutie! And, haha! - I wish my boys cared about what they wore. I seem to be the only one in the house who does.

    Enjoy your weekend, Darcy. xo



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