Places to Go - Gravelly Point (Arlington, VA) (i.e. "the airplane park")


Gravelly Point is one of those places that I've heard a ton of great things about, but, until last week, we never managed to visit. Maybe because I couldn't figure out how to come from the north and still head north on the GW parkway (the trick, in case you're curious, is to exit at the airport then change your direction). Anyways, this place really is quite cool. Planes fly LOW and you can watch them land and take off. As if this isn't enough, the park borders the Potomac so you can play on the rocks and throw stones into the water. Huge fields everywhere make it a great place to kick or throw a ball around. Picnic tables are scattered throughout the property along with a bike path (be cautious - they go FAST). Port a potties are on site but they look scary dirty.

A few weekends ago, while Dan worked, the kids and I brought a picnic blanket, some books, snacks, and bubbles and spent two hours just lounging around. Though if you visit beware of the grass as a tick crawled onto our blanket (I hate those little guys).


There's something about spring and bubbles. They just go together.


In the afternoon, the sun came out and the temps warmed up. T proclaimed himself "king of the table", for what that's worth.


* Looking for something to do for spring break? Don't forget my list of indoor places in the DC area to go with kids, which is up to 50 places, and my outside list, which is up to 53 WONDERFUL places. If you know of somewhere I've forgotten to include, please email me and I'll add it to the list.

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