Things to Make - Question Jar


Lately I've been working really hard on implementing routine family dinners, probably because we're FINALLY at the point in our lives where nobody sits in a highchair and all three kids can use utensils (though they sometimes choose not to). Thus dinner has become our time to discuss the day's events. Some days the kids talk and talk and talk. So many stories. Other days are a little painful. Tired, cranky silence. So when I read about How Does She's question jar I was thrilled. Then when I clicked through and saw that How Does She? posted 5 PDFs with 30 questions each (you just need to click, print, and cut) I was ecstatic. Some meals we don't use the jar, whereas at other meals we can't stop laughing after contemplating "big issues" - like what "weird, unusual pet" we could acquire. Or what new names we would choose for ourselves. So thank you How Does She?, what a wonderful idea.


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