Places to Go - Out and About in Early Spring


Warm Afternoons at Penrose Playground (Arlington, VA) - I have such mixed feelings about this place. One one hand, the fact that they have two separate fenced-in playgrounds, one for toddlers and one for "big" kids makes life so much easier. And all my kids love a sandbox. On the other hand, the lack of shade and bathrooms can make for a long, whiny afternoon.


Interactive Art at the Hirshhorn & ImagiNATIONs at the American Indian Museum (Washington DC) - The Hirshhorn's newest exhibit, Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color and Space, is both interactive and toddler friendly (and really fun for adults as well). KidFriendly DC wrote a fantastic review, detailing all the artwork. My kids LOVED running through the "blue forest" (though they weren't really supposed to run, thank you kind guard for not throwing us out) and "kicking back" on mattresses and pillows in the hippified lounge-type space. Wearing special "shoe covers" to walk through an odd-lighted "house" also made for some interesting conversations.

After playing with the art, we checked out the new ImagiNATIONS playspace at the American Indian Museum, I wouldn't necessarily give it five stars (the giant teepee could use some toys inside) but my kids had a pretty good time. P's pictured here listening to the sounds of the wetlands.



A rainy day at Longbranch Nature Center (Arlington, VA) - Sometimes you just need to walk in the rain for awhile. Amazing what you discover along the way.


Dulles Air and Space Museum - People often list this as a great location with little kids, but I'm more ambivalent. At first all the airplanes make quite an impression, but after awhile my kids lose interest. Though Dan had the time of his life. We saw Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the BOMB. the big bomb. creepy. And we watched the Imax film, Hubble, all about fixing the giant telescope in space. I learned that I'm WAY too claustrophobic to ever be an astronaut. Another career crossed off the list. And, of course, McDonald's ice cream at the end (McDonalds must make a fortune off their contract with the Air & Space museums. A fortune I tell you.)


After Preschool Picnics at Alcova Heights Playground (Arlington, VA) - A lot of parents avoid this park due to the circular paths and lack of a fence, which make keeping track of children a challenge. Plus, kids always want to play by the incredibly dirty stream. On the upside, it's really pretty for a playground (and I consider this a HUGE plus) - huge trees everywhere make my day. Plus it has bathrooms. Though T only wants to pee on trees (which is driving me crazy).


Climbing Trees after School - Sometimes the best adventures are just around the corner.

What have you been up to lately? I'd love to hear!!!

I'm taking a few days off for spring break, so have some fun and I'll see you soon!!


*Have you seen the blog Advanced Style? It's time for me to get my act together, aging is not an excuse to look sloppy. These women are amazing. Though my favorite style icon of all time is probably Iris Apfel. So inspiring. I hope when I'm 90 MAC gives me my own lipstick line.

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