Places to Go (Vacation) - New Orleans, Part II - Swamp Tour & Plantation Tour


So for reasons I'm still trying to work out, I thought spending the morning on a swamp sounded like a great idea. After all, we don't have swamps in Northern Virginia. Plus, I wanted to see the bayou, probably because I've watched Princess and the Frog SO MANY times. On the tour I discovered that tight spaces full of quicksand-like mud and baby alligators sort of freak me out. Now I know.

Apparently, tons of people live off the grid in the New Orleans' wetlands, surviving on alligators, wild hog, fish, and other various wildlife. Who knew? As I'm sort of obsessed with off the grid life, I find this interesting, though it's hard to learn about the details as swamp people don't write as many books as hippies from Brooklyn who just bought a farm.


I also learned that TLC makes a whole show called Swamp People, most people on our tour were huge fans of said show, they kept yelling "GET THE GATOR!!" at the top of their lungs. I kid you not. Don't worry - no alligators were harmed, Captain Bob just fed them large amounts of marshmallows and raw chicken.


After the swamp tour, we decided to switch gears (plus, we only had the rental car for one day) and tour the Laura plantation. So creepy to think anyone ever thought slavery was morally acceptable. The tour, however, was really interesting. Lots of info on the family that used to live there and daily life in the late 1800s - from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.


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