Things to Do - Grateful List (June 2012)


*Attending God of Carnage at Signature Theater
*Starships by Nicki Minaj (for children's dance parties)
*F's love of the Boxcar Children and Junie B. Jones
*Listening to LP's Into the Wild
*Watching Young Adult
*Watching Brave in the theater (with the kids)
*Reading Exposed by Emily Gould (NY Times, May 25, 2008)
*Reading West with the Night
*Perusing 500 Great Books by Women: A Reader's Guide

*Dan's birthday cake for T (with homemade buttermilk frosting)
*Dan's weekend farmers' market dinners

*New clothes from the Gap and Old Navy (I love online shopping)
*Spray sunscreen
*T's new Jake and the Neverland Pirates boat (for this birthday)


*Four generations of Dan's family feeding the ducks together in Richmond
*Bluemont Park (Arlingon, VA)
*Madison Manor Park (Arlington, VA)
*A pond full of frogs at Potomac Overlook Park (Arlington, VA)
*Nice days without crowds at the National Zoo (Washington DC)
*A last minute wine bar date night (always friend your babysitter on facebook)
*Fishing at Hains Pt for Father's Day (Washington DC)

VACATION (New Orleans)

*Watermelon mojitos at Jacque Imos
*Blackened redfish at Coop's Place
*Sleeping in, reading books, playing cards, and lounging around
*Confederacy of Cruisers Bike Tour
*Drinks on the Balcony Bar (Magazine Street)
*Live music, good food, and multiple Pimms' Cups at the Three Muses (Frenchmen Street)
*A shopping and spa day on Magazine Street
*Doobie Brothers' covers on Bourbon Street


*L - "Jesus chose to die for our sins" P - "But they killed him, so I don't get how he choosed anything." L - "P, don't say that. Jesus is really important, he's our savior" P - "well, I'm sure it is true and makes sense and everything, I'm just saying i don't UNDERSTAND it. but i'm sure it makes sense. i guess."
*When P and her friends include T while playing Barbies
*Religious conversations with P over dinner - "of course there's a god otherwise who invented people, the sky, and houses?" [houses?]
*P - "Mommy, can I have a dollar to give to great grandma?" me - "why?" P - "well, she's old and doesn't work, so she must need a dollar."
*F and P writing and performing an anniversary song for Dan and me
*All day playdates with P's best friend, L, throughout June
*"Mommy, can I do a flip on you?" - T
*"Get messy, get dirty, make mistakes - that's what my mom likes to do. she's not the kind of mom who's like 'be fancy' or 'don't get your clothes dirty'." - F
*P and P wearing blue dresses to play Revolutionary War
*P's earthworm pets - Lazy Bazy and Squirmy Wormy
*me - "F, I'm going to miss you when you grow up, you have to talk to me all the time." F- "you mean on facebook?"
*T always saying "it happens" ("mommy, I sorry I spilled my milk, but it happens")


F - My family, Cybil Lily, feeding ducks, Grandma's house, T's birthday, great grandma visiting, studying, school, the pool, summer vacation and spending more time with my mom, father's day, workbooks, the slip and slide

P - Great grandma visiting, ducks, your anniversary, cake, T's birthday, water balloons, playdates with E, our pink bedroom, T finally having his own my little pony set, art, drawing, chocolate chips, friends coming over, going places, the library, the pool, the playground, my stuffed animals, the slip and slide, sort of Brave but it was a little too scary, swimming

T - my new trucks, grandma's house, great grandma, my guns, my dollies, my big boy bed, my fishing rod, pink sheet

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