Things to Make - Easy Tissue-Paper Suncatchers

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Our windows needed something pretty to brighten up these winter afternoons, so I cut tissue paper into squares and then had the girls attach them to contact paper. We used a second sheet of contact paper to keep everything in place and hung our creations in the window. Easy.

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P's learning about patterns in school, so she had a great time utilizing her new skill. Whereas F went the random route. And T ran around catching imaginary bad guys. So go our weekend mornings . . .

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  1. I literally just over the weekend bought the supplies for A. and I to do this. She's not very into crayons or paint or markers, but I am craving a little colorful homemade art so I thought she might like shredding instead.

    Yours turned out SO beautiful! Like Rothko meets Eric Carle. I especially like the way the colors look where they overlap each other.



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