Things to Read - Favorite Kids' Books VIII

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Here are some of our favorite books this winter. Click here to see some of our past reads and click on the icons to enter Amazon. What have you been reading lately?



T - I liked this book, I like big machines [and learning what they do].

B is For Bulldozer

T - I like it because they build a roller coaster. And I like builders.


I Want My Hat Back

P - This guy loses his hat and asks a bunch of people and then figures out the bunny stole it. I thought it was funny.

T - I thought it was funny too and I'm not reviewing it anymore.

A Gold Star for Zog

P - I liked how the princess helped Zog every time.

T - I liked all of it. I like when the captured princess became a doctor.


I'm Bored

P - I love this book. Please read it, it's really cool. The best book ever. It's about a little girl who says she's bored then she entertains a potato who is also bored. Then the potato meets a flamingo who is also bored.

F - I like that it's really funny. The girl is bored, then the potato is bored, then the flamingo - like a pattern.

T - I like that book too.

I Will Never Eat a Tomato

F - It's really funny. The little sister will never eat certain vegetables, so her brother plays a trick on her saying they're from other planets and special.

P - I like that they change all the names and potatoes are from clouds, so the girl is tricked into thinking the things she wouldn't eat are delicious. We should try this with T.

T - What?

I Feel Better With a Frog in My Throat: History's Strangest Cures

F - This book is really really interesting. The unicorn horn was the craziest cure, but my favorite was mother's kisses. I also liked that the book had quizzes and made you guess which cures really worked.

P - I can't believe people used to use frogs to cure things and they maybe worked.

Bear Has a Story To Tell [I love this one]

T - I like it, though it's a little sad, bear's friends are really nice friends. that's it. i don't want to talk anymore.

P - we read it at school. I love this book.

F - It's a circle story - it ends how it began. I like that bear is patient, friendly, and nice.

What Pete Ate

T - He ate lots of shoes, that's really funny. I can't remember the rest. He's like [our dog] Coco, he eats everything [note - Coco really does eat EVERYTHING]

F - I loved it because it's so funny.

P - It sounds like our dog. I liked it but I didn't love it.

Hello! Hello!

F - I thought it was crazy-ish, I liked that it was funny and told you to spend time in the real world. It inspires you go to outside and not spend time on your Kindle Fire.

P - I liked it because it was crazy.

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