Place to Go - Hains Point Cherry Blossoms (Washington DC)


Even though we've lived in the DC area for almost ten years, every spring the cherry blossoms still seem fascinating and new, almost surreal - especially during peak bloom. As any local will tell you, this year's "peak season" became a long delayed experience. Finally, approximately two weeks after the original bloom time estimates, spring engulfed the region.

Usually, we try to see the blossoms on the tidal basin, but parking is always hit or miss. And crowds are everywhere. After realizing that the parking gods were frowning on us, I decided to circle Hains Point before we headed for home. Wow. As we drove closer to the peninsula's end, parking spots started opening up. So we lingered by the water - T practiced his ninja skills (I use the word "skills" loosely) while P climbed gigantic old trees and F "modeled" for me. Eventually we made our way to the playground, where all three kids met new friends and played as dusk started to fall on the city. A cheesily perfect night. And sometimes you need those.


They don't always get along, but I cherish the moments when they do.


All you need is a gentle gentle breeze and - BRAVO - flower rain.


Ninjas and cartwheels, this is how we roll lately.


I always wind up with more pictures of P's feet than her face. She just moves a lot.


Even as an adult, there's something fantastic about a playground at dusk.


At the very end of the night, as we walked back to the car, a huge breeze hit and petals flew everywhere. Wonderfulness.

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