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* Beloved movies that Roger Ebert hated.

* The jellybean plate is my favorite.

* The Top 25 Best Songs of 2013 (So Far). And The Top 10 Baby Names of 2013 (So Far). (I love a list).

* Not sure which one of these sites I like better - F** Your Noguchi Coffee Table or 15 Mid-Century Modern Dream Homes That Will Kill Your Children (thank you Carolyn and Addison!!)

* Roger Sterling's Best One Liners, though they left out my favorite - Don Draper: What kind of company are we going to be?/Roger Sterling: The kind where everyone has a summer house?

* Behind a museum's closed doors - I wish I could afford to buy Neanderthals and hang it in the living room.

* America's 10 Most Beautiful Hidden Gems - who's ever heard of Damascus, VA??

* The marketing gods have enslaved our children.

* The absolute worst poems by celebrities. Oh Jennifer Aniston, maybe I expect too much from you.

* Great suggestions on ways to celebrate Earth Day with the kiddos.

* Last, but not least, a few pictures of T's "wedding" are up over here.

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  1. That Jennifer Aniston poem: too horrendous to be real. Right? Please?



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