Things to Do - 12 Pictures in 12 Hours (April 2013)

On all of these wonderful photography blogs I keep coming across 10 on 10 projects (click here for to view one of my favorites). For me, the idea of photographing a whole day seemed daunting - always being "on", trying to capture every moment. And then editing it all down to a small, select grouping, aiming for both honesty and beauty.

But lately, I've been trying to challenge myself a little, so this Monday (on Earth Day) I decided to bring the camera everywhere we went. Unfortunately, after downloading 450 pictures (and keep in mind that I erase the truly bad ones before I download), I realized that I had a ton of decent pictures and no GREAT pictures. Further, I found it tricky to pick only one pic from each time frame (and to leave out some timeframes entirely).

Still, the result really does capture one of our ordinary days. I might try more of these in the future (maybe once a month?), does anyone want to join me? Let me know if you're interested, we could link to each other's projects.

untitled (84 of 474).jpg

9:30 am - Location scouting with T and Coco, Fort C.F Smith (Arlington, VA).

untitled (184 of 474).jpg

11:30 am - Playdate at J's house.

untitled (232 of 474).jpg

1:30 pm - On our way to the shoe store (yes, I actually took pictures in the store too, but didn't love how any of them turned out).

untitled (288 of 474).jpg

2:30 - Pass out on the couch.

untitled (299 of 474).jpg

3:45 pm - Walk the girls home from school.

untitled (316 of 474).jpg

untitled (341 of 474).jpg

4:15 pm - F plays with a hippo. P practices gymnastics.

untitled (361 of 474).jpg

4:45 pm - After school art project - paper bag "quilt."

untitled (401 of 474).jpg

untitled (414 of 474).jpg

5:30 pm - Books and bubbles in the backyard while I make dinner. F's obsessed with Harry Potter lately.

untitled (459 of 474).jpg

7:00 pm - After dinner dog walk.

untitled (465 of 474).jpg

7:30 pm - Marble run with Dan before bedtime.


  1. I love it and would definitely like to do a project like this. I hate blogging about daily life -- I find it really hard to just sit down and be like, "Then we did this...and this..." A 12 x 12 project seems like it would be a nice way around that.

    Love the photo of P. checking out her form in the mirror. She is so determined in it!

  2. I'm in! Doing this today .... would love to link up with you guys.



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