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* For your summer reading - Female Perspectives: Five Novels That Bring Outsiders In. Further, Indie Booksellers Pick Summer's Best Reads. How to choose? Seriously, how to choose?

* It's hard to believe they're fake.

* NPR's 50 Best Songs of 2013 (so far). I can't get Tegan and Sara's Closer out of my head. And yes, Blurred Lines is sort of addictive to listen to.

* An apartment covered in blue crystals.

* 12 Kids Moms Hate Having Over For Playdates. Yup. Though I'm pretty sure my kids are the hungry kids.

* I can't stop perusing the National Geographic Found Tumblr (Celebrating 125 Years). So much wonderful randomness.

* My imaginary well-dressed daughter. Funny. Really funny (thank you, Carolyn!).

* 15 Homemade Hair and Bodymasks (and don't forget my posts on pumpkin yogurt facemask (so wonderful) and rosemary sage body scrub).

* The pollinator project and children's books about bees (love this idea).

* What the night sky would look like if other planets were as close as the moon.

* Oh the 1980s, even people with incredible bodies looked ridiculous. Trust me, this has to make you laugh.

* Figuring It Out (Olivia Bee is only 19 years old and she's a working photographer, employed by brands including: Hermes, Adidas, New York Magazine, Converse, etc. I've been following her for a few years now and her photos always manage to blow me away).

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  1. GREAT list! Oh the kid playdate thing is priceless. We have a kid who comes over and takes one step in the door and demands a snack. And then shakes head at everything suggested!

    Love the link to Olivia Bee! Wow, she's amazing!

    Happy wkend to you Miss Darcy :)



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