Things to Read - Favorite Kids' Books IX

We haven't reviewed children's books in awhile, both because (1) we keep reading the Lemony Snicket series and (2) the kids told me that they're sick of talking about the books we read. Still every once in awhile they give me feedback . . .

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Dinosaur vs. Bedtime

C (T's friend, age 3) (while laughing) - Can you read that again? I liked the roar roar roar.

T (age 4) - I love it, even though it's not a firefighter book.

The Family Tree

T (age 4) - I like when the workers came and the boy saved the tree. And when the animals said "not this tree."

Press Here [note - T is currently obsessed with this interactive book (you keep pressing dots to "change" the picture), he thinks it's "magic", then he looks at the pictures and decides "it isn't magic, they cheated", then we read it again and we're back to "magic."]

T (age 4) - I like this book. It's so funny. I like to make everything happen. Can we get it lots of times from the library?

Little Owl Lost [note - I thought this book was sort of blah, then I read it to T and he couldn't stop laughing. Over and over. F, on the other hand, didn't seem to think much of the book, so I the magic must end around age 4 or 5.]

T (age 4)- It was so funny when the squirrel thought the bear was the owl's mommy. it's a funny book.

F (age 7.5) - I thought they could develop it more, but T thought it was funny. I guess it's a little funny.

And Then It's Spring [note - I'm a little in love with this book, so we read it a lot, despite the fact that it's almost summer.]

T (age 4) - I like when it became green and I liked the turtle and bunny.

C (T's friend, age 3) - I liked everything. I like the boy.

P (age 6.5) - I like the pictures, especially when the turtle wears a hat.


Extra Yarn

P (age 6.5) - Good. The box was empty, but kind of magical. The box only wanted yarn for the girl because she's the only one who wanted everything pretty and not just black and white.

F (age 7.5) - It shows that a girl can change the world, but the magic doesn't work for greedy people.

Dragons Love Tacos

T (age 4) - Read it again. I like when they breathe fire and I like when they build. That book is funny.

P (age 6.5) - This book is so good. It's so funny. Because of all the tacos.

F (age 7.5) - It was really good. I liked when the dragons helped rebuild the house for the taco breaks.

Boy + Bot

T (age 4) - It was so good that the boy played with the robot and they had fun and they read books.

P (age 6.5) - It was really good. I like how they became friends.

F (age 7.5) - I liked that they do the opposite, that Bot malfunctioned then boy fell asleep.

M (F's friend, age 8) - I thought it was funny that Bot gave the boy oil and the Boy gave Bot applesauce.

Brave Girl/ Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers Strike of 1909

T (age 4) - I like when the police put her in jail because I like police. [note - obviously T didn't quite "get" this book]

P (age 6.5) - She was brave and she made lives better. Plus, I liked that it was all real.

F (age 7.5) - I liked that it was a true story and she stood up for herself.

M (F's friend, age 8) - I liked how all the women and girls came to help her - young and old, rich and poor.

Ladybug Girl and Bingo [note - This book is all about camping, so it could be a nice starter book if you plan on going this summer.]

B (T's friend, age 4) - I liked all the pictures of the dog. [note - B's English is very limited, so the pictures were key]

K (P's friend, age 5) - I liked firefly girl at the end.

F (age 7.5) - It is a really adventurous book, she has a lot of imagination.

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