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* World's Best Hikes - 20 Hikers' Dream Trails

* To splurge or not to splurge - I really want one of these. And then what color to pick? Plus, Zara is having the best summer sale ever. I'm in a shopping mood lately.

* Rethink the way you live - "I don’t know if I’ve properly put this into words here, but I’m in this weird space where I see so much value in design, but am also seeing a lot of the cost. Consumerism, materialism, keeping-up-with-the-Jones-ism. I mean, these concepts have been around for years, yes. But for some reason, I’m feeling the weight of it in a bigger way. Something in my heart is stirring. . . . . It’s inconvenient for a design blogger to feel this way. I’ve made a living uncovering trends and sharing products and labeling things as “must-haves” and “statement makers.” And I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I still love doing it. I’m fascinated with discovering new designs that change the rules, new artists that struggle for their passions – and yes, every now and then, just a pretty dress. I mean, come on. I’m still pinning like a crazy person. I’m adding to the noise."

* A camp for boys that dress like girls. Well, why not?

* Bohemian homes.

* Post it note art.

* I just learned that the world's largest model railroad is only 3.5 hours from DC (on the way to NYC). A roadtrip must be planned.

* Suburban dreams.

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