Things to Do - 12 in 12 (July 2013)

When I woke up (somewhat groggily) on Friday morning to more grey skies and rain, I was tempted to skip this month's project (or at least postpone to a sunnier day). But as the rain seems almost constant this summer, Friday was an appropriate reminder of the everyday. So we rallied, umbrellas in hand.

untitled (11 of 110).jpg

8:15 am - P jumping rope in between downpours. She has camp all morning, then a playdate followed by a sleepover. So this is the last we'll see of her until Saturday. (they grow up so fast)

untitled (1 of 110).jpg

9:15 am - T checking out our new pool toys. Hopefully one of these days we'll be able to use them. (He dressed himself last night, hence the backwards, inside-out PJs).

untitled (49 of 110).jpg

untitled (43 of 110).jpg

11:30 am - T and I peruse the US Navy Museum. Because guns and ships are pretty awesome.

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1:00 pm - The 12 in 12 magic continues to work, T falls asleep during the car ride home.

untitled (56 of 110).jpg

untitled (57 of 110).jpg

2:00 pm - T reads his favorite book on the couch, while I try to deal with the fact that all of my waitlisted library books arrived at the same time.

untitled (60 of 110).jpg

3:00 pm - Picking F up from art camp.

untitled (86 of 110).jpg

untitled (80 of 110).jpg

3:30 pm - The playground after camp. Rain makes for an awesome sand box. So many tunnels to dig.

untitled (90 of 110).jpg

5:00 pm - Walking to mom/kid happy hour at a friend's house. We bring umbrellas everywhere with us lately.

untitled (103 of 110).jpg

7:00 pm - Good friends and wine outside, while the kids all run around like crazy = a perfect Friday night.

Now click on over to Not-So-SAHM and Where the Watermelon Growsto learn about their July 12th. Interested in joining us in documenting the everyday? Just comment on this post to let me know (also check out our pinterest pool here).


  1. ha ha ha! that happens to me as well....everything coming at once from the library! LOVE that rain jumping pic!



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