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F is my kid who loves to read, almost too much. The other day at a children's birthday party I found her in a corner with a book. Seriously? Actually, I probably spent most of my childhood in corners with books, apparently antisocial tendencies run in our blood.

Anyways, F loves Junie B Jones, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Judy Moody, and the overwhelming number of offshoot series these books seem to have generated (the Stink Series, the Dork Diaries, etc.). And while this is all fine and good, I suggested that maybe she could try reading something a little less sarcastic for a change (i.e. a book where the sole purpose is not making fun of life, school, adults, friends, etc).

A neighbor recommended the book, Wonder and F practically inhaled it. Now she can't stop talking about it. So I asked if I could interview her for the blog about why she loved Wonder so much, here's what F had to say:

Me: Please tell me about the book.
F: It's about this boy with a deformed face and it's all about everybody getting used to it and learning how to be nice to him. His name is August.

Me: What did you like about the book?
F: I really liked that August had a bunch of adventures and he even disobeyed some rules but at the end of the year he got an award for being the kindest boy in the school, kind of the best. Usually he got in trouble because someone was making fun of him but he learned how to stand up for himself. And i also liked how one of August's friend's, Jack, even though he once said something really mean, he realized how sorry he was.

Me: That sounds like a sad book.
F: It was both funny and sad. It was funny when they go camping and pee on trees. It had a lot of parts that made me laugh.

Me: Anything else you want to say?
F: All of the book is about August, but some of the chapters are told by his friends and family. I really liked the book because it shows that no matter what you should always try to get along with people and stand up for yourself, even if you have to break some rules sometimes.

Me: Would you like to read more books about August?
F: Yes, I really liked him.

Does anyone have any suggestions for similar books? Before bedtime, Dan's been reading Little House on the Prairie to the kids and their response has been somewhat lackluster, with comments like "their lives seem really boring and hard." But he's pushing through and they're slowly learning to love the story. Anyways, we could use some good new books around here. I think I need to scan the archives of this blog for awhile (great suggestions over there).

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  1. Miss Darcy!! I have a 'chapter book' category in my long long list (way too long list) of categories in my sidebar. You should see if anything strikes your fancy.

    We've been reading an odd assortment of things: The first Little House on the Prairie book, Paddington Bear, Swedish Folk Tales. I'm waiting for the first book in the Magic Faraway Tree series to arrive. (not to be confused with the Magic Treehouse books, which Julia doesn't like)

    If your kiddos haven't read the Pippi Longstocking books yet, they are so so fun. I'm wondering if F would like the Oz series yet?

    I wish Barbara Park would write more Junie B books :) Has F read the Clementine series? Those are cut along the same cloth.

    xoxo for the link and Happy Reading, sorry for the novel!



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