Things to Do - 12 in 12 (August 2013)

August 12, 2013 was a busy day. Also a good one. Scroll down to see our "ordinary day" (not sure any day is ever ordinary during summer vacation), then check out Not-So-SAHM and Where the Watermelons Grow for more everyday awesomeness.

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10:00 am - A slow start day. Still in our pjs and finally eating breakfast.

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10:30 am - Getting ready in their new pretty dresses (I love a sale).

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11:30 am - We pick up some friends and arrive at the National Mall.


12:30 pm - After exploring Asian art at the Freer Gallery, we head to the Hirshhorn's sculpture garden and try to guess the statues' names/inspirations.

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1:00 pm - Checking out the Over, Under, Next exhibit at the Hirshhorn (more on this next week).

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2:30 pm - Channeling our inner caveman at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Doesn't F make the cutest neanderthal?

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3:00 pm - After a whole morning together, the girls want a playdate, so we head to my friend's house.


3:30 pm - T mans the cash register while the adults drink dark and stormies (how did I not know that this is the best drink ever?)

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4:00 pm - Everyone is obsessed with Harry Potter lately. Lots of magic going on.

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5:30 pm - Back home. I thought the kids would be fussy, but they all end up reading books in the living room, too tired to ask for anything else.

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6:30 pm - I remember that our library books are overdue, so we scooter over, stopping at the playground on the way home.

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8:30 pm - The kids camp out in our bedroom for a TV show before bedtime.

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