Things to Do - Christmas Cards & 33% Off at Pinhole Press


(Regarding the above pics, it's actually pretty difficult to take photos of photos. Rest assured that all the "noise" only occurs on my photos of the cards and not on the actual cards themselves).

A continual source of family/photographer/mom guilt is the fact that Dan and I have never sent out Christmas cards. Every year we talk about it, but procrastination sets in. Eventually the season ends. Christmas cards particularly stress me out because I feel that, as a photographer, our card should be somewhat awesome.

Anyways, in the last few years, we've noticed that more and more people have taken us off their Christmas card lists (if you do not give, you cannot receive) and last year's supply was somewhat disheartening. So this year when Pinhole Press contacted me offering free cards, I let go of the excuses and started to design.

Luckily, Pinhole Press has wonderful formats to work with (seriously gorgeous) and they print everything on high quality card stock so even my so-so photos came out looking stupendous. After much tinkering, we came up with two cards we both really loved - one that showcased me as a photographer and one that summarized our year together (complete with the big fish Dan caught). We couldn't decide so we ordered both.

And since we loved the cards so much, I kept shopping - ordering address labels with our favorite family photo from the Land of Nod photo shoot, I love how the photo wraps around the back of the envelope. And then I started making a calendar. So all in all, I went way over the "free" limit and ended up spending a lot of money. But the products are beautiful, so I'm happy.

If you haven't ordered your own cards yet, Pinhole Press is offering all No Monsters readers 33% off their holiday cards through Monday, December 2, 2013 (THIS IS AN AMAZING DEAL!!). Just use the coupon code "nomonsters". So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and shop everyone!!


  1. Ok that wraparound thingy is the coolest and these cards are amazing! I'm so not on the ball with photo cards. Next yr. I swear. But at least I did get some cards this yr to send out! Some cool folk art swedish dala horse cards that my blog friend Heather Sleightholm made, she does amazing work!

  2. Oh, these are all beautiful! Why, oh why did I not see this before ordering our Christmas cards? Oh well, I'm going to be using the code for other photo Christmas gifts! Thanks!

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