Things to Do - 12 in 12 (November 2013)

This month the 12th fell on a Tuesday (the day after P's birthday and the day after Veteran's Day). At T's preschool, for reasons I don't really need to get into, whenever the kids have a Monday off school is cancelled on Tuesday as well. So we ventured out . . .

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8:45 am - Walking the girls to school. Today marks the first truly cold morning of the season.

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9:15 am - P's grandparents gave her lots of new Monster High Dolls for her birthday. While upstairs, I notice she's displayed them on her windowsill.

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11 am - T and I spend the morning, and afternoon, with friends at The National Children's Museum (in National Harbor, MD). The boys can't stop playing with the cranes.

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noon - Still going strong at the Children's Museum, this time with the Imagination Playground set.

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1 pm - After lunch at Elevation Burger, we return to the museum, where major fires need to be put out immediately.

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2 pm - T undertakes some last minute cooking before we leave for home.

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3:30 pm - T spends an hour on the ipad while I check email and veg for awhile.

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4:30 pm - It is very important to choose the right outfit while picking your sisters up from cartooning class.

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4:45 pm - F's Cartooning classwork.

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5:15 pm - Dog walk. I love these late autumn sunsets.

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6:30 pm - For her birthday dinner (one day late), P asked to take her two best friends to Silver Diner for dinner. Luckily, we showed up for one of Silver Diner's kids' nights, with free face painting and crafts, which really made for a wonderful night. Dan and I drank some wine/beer while the girls and T created lots and lots of foam door hangers.

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7:45 pm - Finally, we leave the diner for home (and go straight to bed). T is exhausted, but continues to drive his paper car all the way through bedtime.

So that was our day, now click on over to see what Not-So-SAHM and Where the Watermelons Grow spent their Tuesday!

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