Things to Do - Cherish This Day & Random Links


Sometimes you simply NEED to spend an hour or so in a room full of mylar balloons (the pics are from Arlington Artisphere's exhibit of Warhol's Silver Clouds, which have since moved on). Now click on over to Cherish the Day to see what everyone else has been up to.


* The Kids Euro Festival is currently in full swing. Two months of awesome free events. Click here to see the schedule. And click here to read our review from last year.

* Before they pass away. Gorgeous photos of indigenous tribes. "In 2009, I planned to become a guest of 31 secluded and visually unique tribes. I wanted to witness their time-honoured traditions, join in their rituals and discover how the rest of the world is threatening to change their way of life forever. Most importantly, I wanted to create an ambitious aesthetic photographic document that would stand the test of time. A body of work that would be an irreplaceable ethnographic record of a fast disappearing world."

* The brilliant mind of Kevin van Aelst.

* I'm loving NPR's map of the most famous book set in every state.

* Bruce Wrighton’s Binghamton.

* Photos of Banksy in NYC.




  1. Love your photos! Your daughter's eyes sparkle!!

  2. These are fantastic! We are in Maryland and I thought this looked so cool and disappointed to find out that it's gone. I am going to have to scour your blog for some fun ideas...it looks like you guys really get to a lot of great places with your kids!



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