Places to Go - Kids Euro Festival (Washington DC)


This fall, I had BIG plans to take my kids to as many Kids Euro Festival events as possible. First of all, they're FREE. And second of all, most of the acts look intriguing (the festival consists of over 200 performances). But then school, a hurricane, a fever, and life somehow got in the way. By the time I looked at the calenda, the festival was about to close and we still hadn't attended a single event. Sadness.

Luckily, this past Sunday was P's 6th birthday (doesn't that just seem old?) and she asked to go somewhere "really special", so we checked out Sanna Valvanne's free performance of "Sing and Shine Around the Globe" at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage (nothing says "special" like the Kennedy Center). I sat back in my chair while an audience full of children danced, sang, and jumped . . . I was impressed. All in all a birthday win.

So on Monday we decided to check out the German performance of "Solo Act with a Nose" at the French Embassy. After spending the morning trying to explain the purpose of an embassy (any advice would be appreciated), we loaded up the minivan for a quick trip to France (sort of).

First of all, the French Embassy has amazing architecture and chairs that spin, if you ever have the chance I highly suggest a visit as my children acted like we were in Disneyworld (they also have a huge lawn for "rolling down", though I'm not sure such activities are encouraged).

Regarding the performance, well, it was odd - with weird puppets that became even weirder puppets. Nobody talked, quirky music played, and eventually a child puppet emerged, the whole thing was sort of mesmerizing in a bizarre way. T LOVED it. F seemed amused/puzzled/intrigued by it. And P hated it with a strength I've never seen before. I personally consider any event a success that can arise such passionate feelings in all my children.

Unfortunately, today marks the end of the month-long festival, so if you're learning about it for the first time, you've missed a lot. But if you want to catch the finale, tonight at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage Slovenia's production of Videk's New Shirt starts at 6 pm. The show is recommended for kids 3-8 and is FREE!! (though parking costs $22, unless you take the free shuttle from somewhere in DC that I can never access or find).

And if you're busy tonight, there's always next year. Honestly, I know I sound like a big cheesball, but I'm constantly amazed by the wonderful free stuff this city offers.


T now likes France because they allow swords. P kept insisting that we must be in the wrong place because too many people spoke English. Embassies are confusing places.


Never underestimate the magic of a chair that spins.


A gorgeous trail resides across the street from the embassy. So we lingered. 70 degree days in November must not be taken for granted.

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