Things to Do - Grateful List (October 2012)

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* Listening to the Strokes, the Collection
* Watching the Mindy Kaling Project
* Checking out cookbooks from the library (esp. all the Moosewoods)
* Reading George's Secret Key to the Universe to the kids
* F dancing to Gangnam Style
* Listening to the Lumineers obsessively (esp. Flapper Girl)
* Ai Wei Wei'ss "According to What" at the Hirshhorn for mommy/F day, then lunch at the National Gallery's sculpture garden
* Reading Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu
* Reading Mo Yan's The Garlic Ballads: A Novel(winner of this year's Nobel Prize in Literature, so good but so depressing)
* Watching Revenge, Season 1 on Netflix (it's so bad it's good)


* Dan's love of his new smoker
* Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce
* Raisin bread, avocado, coconut oil, and feta sandwiches
* Lunch with T at La Pain Quotidien
* Polenta lasagna (Moosewood)
* Caramelized pumpkin seeds


* Coco at Mt Vernon, bonding with the sheep
* The Bubble Fairy at the Artisphere's Family Open House
* Burke Pumpkin Farm for F's birthday (7!!!)
* Organizing a successful Silver Diner Fundraiser for the girls' school
* Closing out Cox Farms on a weeknight after going down the dinosaur slide over and over again
* Autumn colors at Great Falls


* The moon jar
* Our homemade Halloween decorations
* Trader Joe's coconut body butter (addictive)
* Land of Nod excavator for T, dolls for the girls, and an art kit for our whole family (thank you Land of Nod!!)
* A hand-me down box of cars (hours of entertainment, thank you Ann!)


* P, while watching the Avengers - "I think the bad guys should be good guys and the good guys should be bad guys - haven't you noticed that the bad guys always get along and the good guys are always fighting?" . . . . "I think they need more girl Avengers, the boy ones keep arguing with each other, girls would get things done."
* P's new nickname "the one-armed wonder"
* P declaring "I love being in kindergarten"
* "The police are there to help people, so if a robber or a ghost or George Bush comes, the police help save everyone" - P
* Doggie playdates
* T - "mom, want to hear a new joke"; me - "sure"; T - "why do you get cold when you get out of the bathtub?"; me - "why?"; T - "i don't know"; me - "that's your joke"; T - "yup!"
* N, our new Monday afternoon babysitter (she's awesome)
* Happy hour with our neighbors two nights in a row
* T screaming "PUMPKIN!!" whenever he sees a pumpkin
* Our electricity staying on during the hurricane and drinking with the neighbors all day
* Almost 11,000 page views this month (though a lot of that had to do with the Apartment Therapy shout out)

The Kids' Lists
F - my family, Cybil Lily, reading, social studies, coloring, that we live in a nice house with plenty of food to eat, my American Girl dolls, my birthday, books, grandma T, Grandma M, Tea at the American Girl doll cafe, my flashlight, art, school, Kiki and Lucy [new dolls], our organized room, my new chair

P - ice cream, my family, eating jello, coloring at the playground [she can't "play" because of her broken arm], going to the zoo, Grandma T visiting, going to McDonalds for smoothies, the festival [at the Artisphere], the bubble lady [at the Artisphere], homemade chocolate chip cookies, my arm getting better, F's birthday, school, my teacher, Silver Diner night, theater class, my cousins and grandparents visiting, making cake with daddy, making birthday cards for grandpa bob, the pirate cruise, that coco didn't destroy anything today, trick or treat, lots of candy at school

T - my family, pink sheet, that we went to the beach a long time ago [i.e. September], when daddy is home, Coco, having people over, that we go to Mt Vernon, that we got lots of pumpkins, tea at the American Girl store, the scary hayride [at Burke Pumpkin Farm], that we go to Silver Diner night, that we see the waterfall [at Great Falls], Red Robin [for a preschool fundraiser], daddy coming to Silver Diner night

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