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T's best friend these days is an adorable little girl nicknamed Jules. She's one of the sweetest children I've ever met and with her long yellow hair Jules looks like something out of a fairy tale - thus setting a pretty high standard for future "girl" friends.

A few weeks ago I brought both of them to the Hirshhorn's new Damage Control exhibit. I probably should have thought twice before taking two preschoolers to an exhibit centered on destruction - when we arrived Jules walked right up to the first photo she saw and said "oh, how sad a car crash." Then she walked to the next photo and said "oh, another crash, isn't that sad?" This went on for a few pictures before I decided to redirect.

We moved on to an "art" movie with footage of the bomb. As I didn't feel like explaining nuclear war I told the kids it was like a "giant firework" (I'm sure there are some readers who hate me right now) to which they both became really excited as they "love fireworks!". We then watched a video of a pickup truck pulling around an electric guitar, both kids asked "why?". T guessed that the artist "really hates music." And so went the afternoon.

I found the exhibit somewhat gratuitously violent and pointlessly destructive, so the two happy preschoolers (both of who insisted on carrying Jules' pink dolphins throughout the museum) added a strain of happiness. After the museum, the kids started to run around next to a concrete wall and I (of course) decided to take their picture.

Happy Friday everyone!! Click on over to Cherish This Day to see what everyone else has been photographing lately.


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  1. omigosh love these pix, esp the last one! what cutie pies!!! happy wkend to you!



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