Things to Read - How to Build an A


I wrote about Sara Mida's How to Build an A book/building set years ago, when we started teaching P to read (click here for the past post). But I'm going to write about it again, because for T's last year of preschool, the book/kit has become invaluable.

T has awful fine motor skills, he still struggles with writing his own name. And while we're working on this issue, Mida's letter construction set has made it much easier to teach him letters and the alphabet, especially to work on how they're formed. Plus, he thinks it's a game, some days he can play with it for hours (other days, not so much).

Anyways, for preschoolers, the kit makes for a fantastic introduction to the alphabet.

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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  1. I am going to buy this! Anouk is really into letters lately and can identify A, H, R, X and "Snake" (S). I would love to get her more interested in finding out what the others are. Thanks for posting this.



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