Things to Make and Do - Everyday Advent Calendar (2013)

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For the past three years, I've made the kids a "countdown to Christmas" Advent calendar, usually full of books and crafts, though this year I've deviated somewhat and gone with more games than crafts (as games are what the kids seem to be into these days).

I try to keep everything low budget - I check the books out of the library (based mainly this year on recommendations from Julia's Book Bag) and look for sale items for the rest.

The kids love it and I find that this takes a lot of pressure off of Santa and Christmas, forcing us all to enjoy the month, rather than hurry through it.

December 1 (Sunday) - Bake cookies

December 2 - Read Christmas in the Big Woods

December 3 - Play a new Wii game

December 4 - Stargaze and come home to hot cocoa

December 5 - Watch Home Alone for family movie night I

December 6 - Make some Christmas Doodles, using these cards:

December 7 - Watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas for family movie night II

December 8 (Sunday) - Decorate ceramic ornaments from Oriental Trading Company

December 9 - Read Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury

December 10 - Assorted peg games from Oriental Trading Company

December 11 - Watch Elf for family movie night III

December 12 - Play new card games:

December 13 - Souvenir money (for a big day in the city)

December 14 - Special play tickets (more on this later)

December 15 (Sunday) - Play letter games from Oriental Trading Company

December 16 - Read Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

December 17 - Assorted peg games from Oriental Trading II

December 18 - Read the book then watch Polar Express for family movie night IV

December 19 - Read Gift of the Magi

December 20 - Play Headbanz

December 21 - Read A Coyote Solstice Tale

December 22 (Sunday) - Make frame ornaments from Oriental Trading Company

December 23 - Make snowflakes, we love this book:

December 24 - Read The Night Before Christmas


  1. I love this! It's hard to find advent calendars that are geared toward big kids, too. Saving for when Baby A. is a little older.

  2. the Christmas Doodles are PURE AWESOME and your kids will love them all season long! And all summer long! (my kid uses them all year, ha ha ha)



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