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Last Thursday we awoke to a neighborhood covered in inches and inches of winter white, school was canceled (of course) so we settled in for a day of laziness. Unfortunately, the skies were overcast and falling snow alternated with rain every few hours. F & T dressed for the arctic and played outside for awhile, while P and I stayed snuggled on the couch, somewhat disenchanted by so so many snow days this winter (I think we're at 7 now). Eventually friends came over - helping to create pirate ships, forts, and magical lands.


On Friday, the sun returned (in all of it's glaring brightness) and the huge piles of snow everywhere reminded me of exploded bars of ivory soap. I thought for sure school would resume, but they canceled again (and I spent all morning stating how "where I grew up, in Chicago, kids actually attended school. even when it snowed a little."). So we explored, F carrying a huge snow ball everywhere she walked.


By Friday evening, all three kids had fully embraced the snow. T shoveled and shoveled (often taking snow out of the piles constructed by Dan and returning it all to the sidewalk, oh well "help" is such a tricky word when you have children) and P climbed and climbed. A good day. Though by Monday, I was over it all (the kids had a 5 day weekend, 6 days for T) and ready for school (and routine) to resume.

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