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A few weeks ago, a good friend hosted happy hour on a beautiful night that offered some relief from the snow storms and freezing temps of winter. On the way over, it felt great to finally linger outside without multiple layers of clothing and one of the dogs pulling at me and the camera. Plus, in an effort to break out of my creative rut, I had rented a lens for the week (a Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8) and enjoyed photographing our neighborhood from a wider angle (I normally shoot almost exclusively with my fixed Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L ,an absolutely beautiful lens but the inability to zoom in or out does become frustrating at times).

Usually, when taking photos, I hate that our streets our full of parked cars, but (perhaps because of the night's warmth) they didn't bother me in these shots, like us all the silent vehicles seemed like a necessary part of the place/the neighborhood/the night.

Now click on over to Cherish This Day and see what the rest of the group has been photographing lately.

Happy Friday everyone! Let's hope for a weekend free of storms!


* The Washingtonian's 2014 List of Washington DC's "Hidden Gems" - the museums section lists a lot of new-to-me places. Also, for local peeps, here's their list of the 2014 local James Beard award finalists.

* Amazon's List of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime, it's actually a pretty good list.

* One thing you MUST do in every state.

* 50 Amazing Finds from Google Earth.

* American Girl dolls used to be so much cooler.

* A ranking of all the Best Picture Oscar rankings. It's somewhat appalling how few of these movies I've seen.


  1. LOVE the pix -- I have a zoom that I just adore -- it's actually a really old lens that I poached off my dad and it apparently used to be popular with journalists, they called it 'the street sweeper' b/c it was great for photojournalism...anyway, i call it ol' reliable b/c it never let's me down -- also have a Sigma prime 50 1.4 and I swear half the time it takes amazing stuff and half the time it's unusable, (prolly it's user error, ha ha).

    how old is your daughter who is reading the Sisters Grimm? i've seen those around and was wondering if J was ready for them! she just turned 8.

    what I wouldn't give to have Kirsten (is that right?), the Swedish-American doll, from back in the day -- a blog friend did a post on AG doll catalogs, those used to be cooler as well! like little mini books!

  2. Melissa - F is 8.5 and she loves the sisters grimm, we started out by listening to the book on tape in the car and now she's totally addicted.

    I so need a new lens, just for a burst of creativity. i feel like i keep taking the same shots lately.



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